Roger Hegerland

Solstadlia 35

N -1395 HVALSTAD                                                  Oslo, 31.03.2003





United Nations

Secretary General Kofi Annan

Headquarteres, New York

N.Y.10017 USA



Dear Sirs


I refer to my letter and press-release at the 10.03.2003.


UN must stop this war now. This war is a crime against us all, the humanity, and to all that is holy. It is a crime against God, the Holy Spirit, our common earth, and the human rights.


USA, Great Britain and the other participators in this coalition for invasion and war must Turnaround now!


All other options were not tried before the final conclusion was reached. The option I offered the Secretary General was not included or invited. Why not ?


UN has for many years participated in creating the possibility to let this invasion and murder happen live in front of the world, and UN has the responsibility to stop this war now - today!

War or invasion will never create peace. Never.


My message for peace was not taken seriously, why not? Whom of the leaders in the UN, as the USA, the Great Britain, as the other member states in the UN regime have sworn their duty on the Holy Bible?






I repeat: One of my past lives has been as Jesus. I’m the reincarnation of Jesus.

The story is in my soul, and in front of my eyes. "I'm the truth, the way for liberation, spiritual development and the light" –

Introducing : Jesus – Part II  “21 wake up calls”

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Please, do not hesitate to take further contact by phone or correspondence for more information.


With love, light, happiness and the truth the way I see it.


Yours sincerely.



Roger Hegerland