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President of the United States
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Dear Sirs

I'am a 35 year old author and astrologer, with an unblemished record living in Norway.

I have a manifest, an "once in a lifetime" invitasjon, as attached.

Attached is also the cover of my CD, and the cover of my book:

"Why am I afraid of you dad?"

Please, do not hesitate to take further contact by phone or correspondance for more informasjon.

Yours sincerely.

Roger Hegerland


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The manifest was send to everyone on the list, som of them with the address as belove:

United Nations v/Kofi Annan
Headquarteres, New York
N.Y.10017 USA

CBS News v/Dan Rather
524 West 57 Street
New York, New York

Primeminister Ehud Barak
Primeminister office
3 Caplan street
Kiryat Ben-Gurion.

Shimon Peres
Peres senter for peace
Hasholm road 2
Tel Aviv 67892



- my rebirth

To make a final decision, with no return and danger of my own life are never easy to do. I don't know how to say this, so by my free will and choice I say it directly:

"In the past, one of my life has been as Jesus"

To say this in Norway and meen it - means danger for my life, future, spirit and freedom.

I say this in a total confidence and service to God and my soul on purpose to fulfill a contract 2000 years ago. We don't have "fatwa" in Norway, but ignorance, force to silence, and doctor/psykiatrists that by force kill peoples spirit/vocation. It'means the freedom and life.

I'am "- Ignored by media"


and, "- Norway don't dare"

Face to face - I'm confronting the consequenses of my actions from mai 1995. It's impossible to ignore or run away from God's guidance and vocation.

In Mai, 1995, in spite of my conscience I told a journalist in the newspaper VG, and a full audience in the church of Asker, a suburb to Oslo about this inner vocation/calling from inside. My inner secret. I was refused and ignored.

This vocation/calling took place first time in august 1994. My true self/identity was hidden behind this wall build by, formed by others expectations to me, and the dark side of my childhood story, who I was supposed to expel. From march 1994, to august 1994 I wrote more than 2000 pages. In november 1995 I published my story for liberation and self-assentment, in a book named:

Why am I afraid of you dad?

My family refused me, my mother and sister tried behind my back, by force to send me immediatly to hospitalization, but failed. My family, our family doctor send me to a psykiatrist. They all forced me to take my vocation/calling back, if not they had to hospitalize me and put medisin into my body. They ment my vocation was madness, and threating for my famous artist sister and familys image in Norway/Skandinavia and in Germany through the last 30 years. Media fear of defomation. My story is about killings of honour in Norway.

I'am the brother of Anita Hegerland, a well known artist as a child, especially in Scandinavia and Germany during the 70'ties.

In mai 1995 my wife threatned me with a divorce. The family and doctor threatned with psykiatric medisin and hospitalization by force. So I stopped at the end of mai 1995, and worked on finishing my book and seminars. Since release in november 1995 have my family sensured the book about my childhood. In 1997 my wife betrayed me with a separation, and threathend that she would take my two kids.

In my book I have written about my own childhood describing comprehensive baby battering, wife beater, alcoholic and emotional abuse.

In february 99 i admired a final divorce, and are weekend dad for my two children. I represented my book: "Why am I afraid of you dad", on the Frankfurt Book Fair in october 1998.

My performance at this fair, as pictured in the cover on my CD where "verboten" from the Fair management. "Ordnung musst sein" Even though the main focus for this bookfair was human rights.

Manipulated pictures in the press, children are supposed to smile, and pretend happy. The image of the parents or authorities is everything. The exspectaions and manipulations by adults, autorities, the people in power. Look to Elians case. Abuse of power from the authoritys such as, doctor's, psykiatrist, church, legal departments, custody injustice against the children as the immigrants and refuges. Children are in the middle between the interest and intensions by the adults and the law-departement.

About childhood and freedom of speech - is realy an ambivalens. In Norway it's not possible for me to speak about or publish my story about my childhood included this vocation, or my filosofi in public. Because if what I say is in conflict with other family members honour, image or reputation, no one dare to print anything because they fear defomation. Even if I refer to one of mine past life. What kind of freedom of speech is this? As adult it's to late to demand claim for compensation as result of injustice in childhood. Child abuse and problems with the custody injustice in Norway for men. Children without fathers are a main problem in the Scandinavia.

The threathing by my family, and the family doctor keep me as a prisoner! They will take me by force to hospitalization, if I tell about my vocation/calling or try to explain why and how I can say a thing like this. I'am a refuge in my own country! If I tell my vocation/calling in public is my x-wife threathing that she will go to court and demand custody alone of our two children from the x-marriage.

Over the last five years I've tried many other serious possible ways to get freedom of speech, but I'm exposed to an systematic conspiracy from the autorities and media in power in Norway. The Church, King Harald V and Queen Sonja the 25/11-1999, X-Primeminister Kjell Magne Bondevik the 25/11- 1999, Leader of the family and childrendepartment Valgerd Svarstad Haugland, bishop of Oslo Gunnar Stålseth the 06/3-2000.

They just ignore me!

They are cowardly and afraid of their image.

They want to talk and sign agreements on the paper about peace, just talk!!!

This is about my right to be in charge of my own spirit, to live my life in spite of other people exspectaisions or meanings. It's about Human Rights and the respect of God.

The public in a democracie like Europe demand to know about this secret and the plain truth! I can't keep this as a secret, like I was forced to hide my childhood, because parents and sisters fear of the image. This is not the end, its the beginning, the return to yourself.

I can't hide, suffer anymore or run from my soul because the government and authorities in power in Norway, church, politics, media, children and family departement, and my family are afraid of the plain truth and self-exsamination. We have serious problems with the human right's and the freedom of speech in Norway! Especially childhood and the custody injustice for men, and the self-government/indepence of the child.

I can't hide or condemn myself anymore - It's impossible! I cant't hide or protect the people in power doing this encroachment anymore.

It's my responsibility to tell this truth in front of the public. What is year 2000 about? If Norway want to kill my body again, and jail my soul, no one can stop them. In that case isn't it hypocrisy to celebrate the image of a happy 2000 aniversary of the church?

In the spotlight of the Oslo peace prosess is this injustice/encroachment and hypocrisy, for Norway as the leading flagship for human rights, freedom of speech, environment work in the world.

My only fear is the doctor/psykiatrian encroachment with their by force hospitalization and chemical lobotomi. I can't fear this anymore. I'm focusing human rights and have no place to run.

Believe me or not - That's your choice, but don't you demand me to condemn myself, my soul anymore, 6 years is enough! Don't force me to silence, to ignore, suffer or tell a lie about God's vocation/calling. I'm doing and daring this in conscience and respect for what God demands me to do.

It's a full stop to day, finally. I'm bringing out my prosjekt, my "6 year old" Pilkoss VeXst to conclusion. I've already comed - My rebirth, and my comeback.

I have a story to tell, and you are especially invited. It's different like it or not. It must be done, even if Norway don't dare.

"I'am the truth, the way for liberation, spiritual development and the light"

Be the first to believe!

Yours sincerely

Roger Hegerland.