Roger Hegerland

Solstadlia 35

N -1395 HVALSTAD                                                  Oslo, 10.03.2003




President of the United States

George W. Bush Jr.

Executive office of the President

1600 Pennesylvania avenue


20500 USA

Dear Sirs.


I refer to my letter, a manifest of 8.5.2000 to Mr Bill Clinton at this address, second an invitation at 11.12.2000, third my personal meeting with Mr. Bill Clinton in Oslo, outside Stortinget in may 2001, and my letter on the internet from 10.03.03, at 12 a.m.


I’ll ask you for a meeting in Oslo, or television. My voice must in the name of peace, spirit, truth and love be heard. And in respect of the one global, common Gud, and the holy spirit. Oslo must be heard, in respect of the Oslo peace process and the democracy. Never let the symbol for peace, the Eternal Peace Flame, at the Port of Oslo, be extinguished.  


One of my past lives has been as Jesus. I’m the reincarnation of Jesus.

The story is in my soul, and in front of my eyes. "I'm the truth, the key, the way for liberation, spiritual development and the light"

- Introducing : Jesus – Part II  “21 wake up calls”

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Set God and the spirit first. Right now in front of the world there are an unique opportunity to take new and positive options. There’s a bridge to talk about real peace across all the boarders. Peace, truth, forgiveness, freedom, compassion, light and complete love in the name of God. Stop war in the name of Jesus or God. Why have war against yourself , try to forgive yourself.

Peace is peace, and forgiveness. Not peace by peace. From my heart to your heart. Be the light in front of the world, disarm, and turnaround, that’s what real strength is about. What I can see is a power struggle of identity, faith and wills.


Please, let’s have a meeting before you press the finale button in this war against Iraq. Stop this war against “terror”. Begin with yourself first. Mr President, be a winner, be the historic American President leader who dared with an open heart to meet and let the voice of Jesus in now right on time.


We are all one in the picture, frame of God - safe, loved and protected by God. Trust in God. We are what we have done, and will become what we do to another as persons. Everyday we meet and repeat what we have done in the past against another in a new frame, to find and see the positive solution the second chance. “You, are your unknown I”. Your decisions right now create your next life.


Right now is exactly at the point in the history who some of the world leaders sentenced Jesus to death in Jerusalem. That’s what history are repeating in a symbolic way. A historic turning point. Jesus at that time, as the breaking point the world not could accept. The world has not passed this point. The challenge is here to meet the people again.

This is the worlds second chance to invite and take my message seriously. Israel/Judaism, and Christianity meeting with the voice of Jesus again, that’s what all this is about. A war between inner wills, identity. Only God knows why things happen exactly on time as they do.


This historic countdown for peace, truth and love. This is a real choice.


If  I can forgive, everyone can forgive.


Please, do not hesitate to take further contact by phone or correspondence for more information. Be and give light to heal the world Mr President.


We are always at the beginning. Love another.


With love, light, happiness, and the truth the way I see it.


Yours sincerely.


Roger Hegerland



For you:



”The Cake from Pascal”

A special gift from me to Mr. Bill Clinton outside Stortinget in Oslo, in Mai 2001.