Roger Hegerland

Solstadlia 35

N -1395 HVALSTAD                                                  Oslo, 10.03.2003





United Nations

Secretary General Kofi Annan

Headquarteres, New York

N.Y.10017 USA



Dear Sirs


I refer to my letter, a manifest of 8.5.2000, an invitation for the 11.12.2000 in Oslo, my meeting with Mr. Bill Clinton in Oslo, outside Stortinget in may 2001, and my letter on the internet the 10.03.03 – at 12 a.m.


One of my past lives has been as Jesus. I’m the reincarnation of Jesus.

The story is in my soul, and in front of my eyes. "I'm the truth, the way for liberation, spiritual development and the light" –

Introducing : Jesus – Part II  “21 wake up calls”

Go to:


Please, Trust in me!


Set God first.


I’m at the Security counsel disposal. This is something to vote for, if you’re a true believer of the Christian faith. Please if you need to invite me in at this breaking point in our common history, and destiny. There is a bridge for peace who the worlds destiny are standing right now, a historic turning point. Remember Israel’s and judaism’s historic meeting with Christianity and the miscarriage of justice, the judicial murder of Jesus. We are at that crosspoint again right now. 


The soul and heart of Jesus have already arrived, so be the light. Be the first to believe.    


Please, do not hesitate to take further contact by phone or correspondence for more information.


With love, light, happiness and the truth the way I see it.


Yours sincerely.

Roger Hegerland


Attachments: 1 (My letter of 10.03.2003, to the President of the United States, George W. Bush. Jr.)


For you:



”Kaken fra Pascal” – en tikkende bombe. Bill Clinton fikk en gave utenfor Stortinget i Oslo i mai 2001.